Truthfulness alone wins. 

Truthfulness alone wins. 

   Neither talent nor wealth ensures a bosom that is free from conflict. The talented often suffer from insatiable ambition and, as a consequence, suffer from frustration. The wealthy are often more insecure than others, in their relationships. A celebrated teaching of the Upanishads is that spiritual wisdom brings peace and strength. And the way to enlightenment is to be truthful. This means we walk our talk. We report as the event actually happened. We do not project an image of ours, which is different from what we really are.

   Integrity is another name for this life of truthfulness. Integrity is in a way connected to integers in mathematics. Numbers are either integers or fractions. Our personality too is either integrated or fragmented. When we lack honesty, we are like broken mirrors. We may have everything else but we lack peace. Our hearts are torn by conflict, most of the time. Passing pleasures and vain glory provide to us an escape from conflict at times. Suffering from inner disintegration, we also fall prey to many other negative emotions like jealousy.

   By becoming intensely aware of the root cause of our suffering, we begin to live in a transparent way. We give up deceit and duplicity. As we uninstall false programs from our system, we will feel a unique lightness. The joy of simple but insightful living by far exceeds the charm of a life of false show.

   The truthful people win always, and never do the liars, says the Upanishad mantra:

  satyam-eva jayate, na anritam. 

(Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.6, Atharva Veda)


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