When we stay deluded, materialism bosses over us.

By: Swami Chidananda

Prashnopanishad warns us: 

 Do not live in delusion!

 mā mohamāpadyata

Prashna Upanishad, 2.3 (prashna 2, mantra 3)

 [In the context in the original Upanishad, lower faculties get deluded to think they are independent but are taught a lesson by Prāna, the Life Force, to understand they are meant to serve the Higher Intelligence.]

In numerous contexts, it becomes clear to us that the higher can lead the lower, and when it does so, things are in order. When, on the contrary, the lower somehow snatches the reins and begins to rule the higher, the result is chaos. Outside and inside, this is the truth to which we cannot shut our eyes. In our personal sādhanā too, we need to be pursuing a higher quest and, secondarily, we may include some enjoyment of pleasures in our way of life. If pleasure is our preoccupation and the higher quest is mere talk, our life goes for a tail spin!

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