Life on one hand has its miseries but on the other offers remedies too. To cure the ills of our

Wisdom of Right Action

Swāmiji drew from the ancient wisdom of diverse schools of thought to elucidate the topic. While his own training and

Intelligence, Ordinary and Extraordinary

Beauty has no value if the beautiful person has no intelligence. So is the case with wealth, skills and talents.

Doing and Seeing

By: Sudhakar Deshpande A constant theme in the Upanishads is to point out the futility of action in the attainment

Mantra To Ponder

Right seeing (samyag-darshana) is the essence of the Upanishadic wisdom. Various prejudices, likes and dislikes mark our psychological life and

God and Vedānta ( Article, 450 words)

Advaita Vedānta does not negate or dismiss God. It rather negates and dismisses our ego. God does not go out

Love and wisdom together (video, 1 hr 43 mins)

(Note: In this 1 hour, 43 mins video, the first 3 mins a student chants in Tamil, next 5 mins

Intro. to Upanishads (Video,14 mins)

Dr Sumit Kesarkar presents here a lucid introduction to what Upanishads are. Good for beginners. The editors of agree with Dr

Mantra to Ponder

HOLD ON TO TRUTHFULNESS Truthfulness promotes stability in the spheres of our social, economic and family life. Fear and suspicious

Tips from the Upanishads

THE GLIMPSE BEYOND TIME The greatest usurper of freedom in human life is thinking. We are, most of the time,