Love and wisdom together (video, 1 hr 43 mins)

(Note: In this 1 hour, 43 mins video, the first 3 mins a student chants in Tamil, next 5 mins a student chants in Sanskrit, next 9 mins the speaker chants and at the 17th min the speaker begins his talk in English.)

This discourse in English by Sri Nochur Venkataraman dwells on the beautiful, devotional composition by Sri Ramana Maharshi – The Marital Garland of Letters – which praises Lord Shiva and has a lot of insights into the spiritual journey. Called akshara-manamalai in the original Tamil work, the Sanskrit work regards the devotee a bride and the Lord her groom. This important work has been brought out in other languages also like Kannada. This talk was on Jan 6, 2018.


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