Move on, be free.

Move on, be free.

   Pleasure and pain are the two banks of this river of life. Your boat hits the bank of pleasure at times and the bank of pain at other. There is no choice with regard to this. Meeting with pleasure and pain is unavoidable but getting stuck at any of them is avoidable. Let your boat not get stuck at pleasure or pain. See if you can avoid desiring the repetition of pleasure. See if you can avoid fearing the repetition of pain.

   Memories rise; do not pursue them. Look at them with detachment. Seek to learn from them without clinging to them. If you stay as their witness, you will find that you are on firm ground. If you hug them, they will take you on a roller coaster ride. They will take you to a high and then suddenly drop you down. Why all that?

   You have certain space within you. You are immense space. Hijacked by memories, you feel constricted. You get small. You lose your natural immensity.

   Pleasure and pain are Nature’s traps. You need not get caught in them. They are the net of thought. When you are aware this net, you are free. Be free.

Knowing the divine, by turning inward,

The wise go beyond elation and depression.

adhyātma-yogādhigamena devam

matvā dheero harsha-shokau jahāti

(Katha Upanishad, Yajur-Veda, 1.2.12)

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