Aupa Wisdom

AUPA-Upanishad Wisdom


yo vai bhoomā tat sukham
The infinite alone is happiness
Chāndogya Upanishad 7.23.1


What is here, you will find there too!
As far as the inner world is concerned, wherever we go, we will meet the same bunch of advantages and challenges. The wise therefore do not attach undue importance to externalities like place, people and objects. They know that, really speaking, a man makes a position great and it is not the other way round. Whether we are in the noisy surroundings of cities or in the serene atmosphere of Himalayan resorts, we first have to face our own mind! Our likes and dislikes, our laziness or our false priorities do spare us no matter where we go!
The mantra (2.1.10) of Kathopanishad thus asks us to recognize the fact that golden opportunities to live a right, spiritual life exist everywhere – here as well asthere. We must work on ourselves, wherever we are. We must not get carried away by the glitter and glamor of places or the charming appearances of people. Our main field of action is the arena called our own mind!

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