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Deriving  Holistic  Insights   into   MAnagement   from   the   Heritage   of   India


Deriving Holistic Insights into MAnagement from the Heritage of India.

DHIMAHI presents In-House Workshops for management students and Corporate executives to enhance their soft skills, accelerate their learning curves to emerge as more mature leaders. These workshops are designed to provide them with greater ability to deal with their challenges both at work and at home. DHIMAHI is the Corporate Workshop Wing of AUPA, a project based on the wisdom of the Upanishads which are the core books of wisdom of ancient India.


These workshops adopt the Socratic method of communication. The participants are engaged and involved in developing a very good understanding of their chosen topic. The facilitators present their seminal ideas and encourage participants to grapple with important questions. The sessions are developed to deliver learning with interaction, and incorporates Activity Based Learning (ABL) too.

Each topic is proposed as a session of 90 minutes. Participants can also sign up for customised workshops (e.g. half day workshops covering 2 topics or full day workshops covering 4 topics).

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