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Indira Gautam

Indira Gautam has been settled in the US for almost 50 years. She has been active in many different organizations and played an important role as the support behind the scenes for our Dear late friend, Dr. Sid Gautam. For many years Indira was working as a teacher to primary school children in North Carolina. Living in Fayetteville, NC, she has a daughter and two grandsons.

Thanks to her sincerity and genuine concern for others, she becomes friends with everyone that she talks to and offers support whenever she can to help those in need. She continues to spread words of happiness and knowledge by continuing the Happiness Yoga Program that her late husband Dr. Sid Gautam started many years ago. Her friends always offer to be by her side during trying times as they know she would do the same for them. Even during the busiest times of the year, Mrs. Gautam always has a smile on her face. Her smile and laughter are contagious ensuring that anyone that knows her leaves with a smiling face of their own.

She is a wonderful person and for anyone that does not know her, be sure to introduce yourself and you will see for yourself the joy and passion for others that she cant help but show.

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