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Mantra to Ponder
HOLD ON TO TRUTHFULNESS Truthfulness promotes stability in the spheres of our social, economic and family life. Fear and suspicious would mark our days if we move away from truthfulness. A booming economy will be ruined if honesty disappears from the transactions. Love between members of a family is nurtured through truthfulness. The first six […]
Tips from the Upanishads
THE GLIMPSE BEYOND TIME The greatest usurper of freedom in human life is thinking. We are, most of the time, pushed around by our own thoughts. We typically keep travelling between past, present and future. Time and thought seem to be the two sides of one coin! The Upanishads point to an extraordinary truth that […]
Move on, be free.
Move on, be free.    Pleasure and pain are the two banks of this river of life. Your boat hits the bank of pleasure at times and the bank of pain at other. There is no choice with regard to this. Meeting with pleasure and pain is unavoidable but getting stuck at any of them […]

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