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The Upanishads are meant to end an error, and reveal the truth that was always self-evident. We make ourselves a doer (kartā) and an enjoyer (bhoktā) due to this error, which is ignorance (avidyā). When this error is eliminated, the individual self disappears. We discover our true nature to be the Pure Self (ātmā), which pervades the triad of “the enjoyer, the enjoyed and the enjoyment”.

I am the witness, the Pure Consciousness, the Eternal Good, which is different from all that constitute the enjoyable, the enjoyer and the enjoyment, in the three abodes.

trishu dhāmasu yad-bhogyam, bhoktā bhogascha yad-bhavet tebhyo vilakshanah sākshee, chinmātro’ham sadāsh

Tips from the Upanishads

Give up Greed

A much-quoted saying by Gandhiji tells us that there is enough in this world for everybody’s need but not enough to fulfill even one person’s greed.

To distinguish between our needs and certain greed that rises in our minds is an important aspect   of viveka, wise discrimination. We need this ability to discern in all areas – material possessions, physical comforts and emotional issues. To desire some attention or recognition is understandable but If we want others to speak well of us anywhere and everywhere would be greedy on our part. We must do our part when we go up the stage but gracefully give the opportunity to others when it is their turn. Giving up greed is essential towards the spiritual goal of rising above self-centred ways.

The Ishāvāsya Upanishad asks us to look at everything as belonging to God, and therefore give up the tendency to possess and grab.

Do not seek (in excess) anyone’s wealth!

Māgridhah kasyasvid dhanam

Ishāvāsya Upanishad, mantra 1

Daily wisdom


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Swami Chidananda

2 days 17 hours ago

This short message (4 mins) proposes that we are not "a body having a spirit" but "the spirit having a body". It is easy generally to appreciate how we our psychological dimension decides our joys and sorrows more than sensory perceptions. Vedanta declares that we are more than the psychological dimension. Beyond body and mind is the deepest truth of our existence

Conciousness by Swami Chidananda Duration: 4 Mins


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