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Do not slip into inaction! By Swami Chidananda Upanishads may talk of self-development but their ultimate message is ‘ending of the separate self,’ and not its improvement. In order that this highest goal is reached, it is important that we remember, amidst all our actions, that everything that we possess, achieve or enjoy has to […]
By Swami chidanadna Do we not notice, in our daily life, that there are times when we feel cheerful and other times when we simply lack enthusiasm? It is indeed worthwhile finding out what brings energy to us and what causes its depletion. Right food, many claim, can give us energy. Certain vitamins, minerals etc. […]
By Swami Chidananda The Upanishads sometimes carry the lofty wisdom of metaphysics along with down-to-earth values for daily life. Do not disrespect food by wasting it in various ways, says a mantra. That is an important value in modern life, as millions starve even today in this world of ours. Reverence for food is also based […]
When we stay deluded, materialism bosses over us. By: Swami Chidananda Prashnopanishad warns us:   Do not live in delusion!  mā mohamāpadyata Prashna Upanishad, 2.3 (prashna 2, mantra 3)  [In the context in the original Upanishad, lower faculties get deluded to think they are independent but are taught a lesson by Prāna, the Life Force, to understand […]
By: Swami Chidananda Invoke Shiva, Brahmā and Vishnu Robin Sharma, the famous author of The Monk who sold his Ferrari (first published in 1997), advises his followers in a recent video on getting rid of bad habits and living a new life marked by good habits. The motivational speaker asks his students to first destroy bad habits. He […]
By: Swami Chidananda Devotion to Lord Shiva, expressing as meditation on His resplendent form, can be the stepping stone to have the most receptive mind. That in turn facilitates the insight into the timeless. Meditating upon the Supreme Ruler, the Lord, accompanied by (Mother) Uma, a contemplative student goes beyond (all) darkness)! Umā-sahāyam Parameshwaram Prabhum.. […]

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