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Guest Article by Akilesh Ayyar: At heart, what you seek in life is your own self, or Self, in its typical spiritual capitalization. The Self is bliss, peace, happiness, meaning and truth, though not quite in the way in which you understand these terms. The Self will resolve the most cutting of your existential worries, […]
By Swami Chidananda Life begins with seeking food, clothes and shelter. Even in this 21st century, a good percentage of humanity cannot look beyond these basic needs. Life progresses with appreciation of art, music, sciences and many finer things. The privileged classes engage in these and experience subtler joys. The highest, however, is the contact with the […]
MERGE THE GROSS IN THE SUBTLE By Swami Chidananda Kathopanishad supplies to us an extraordinary technique to go from ‘a storm’ to ‘a calm’.    In a single mantra, the sacred text opens our eyes to five layers of our existence. Organs of perception and action constitute the first layer. Second comes the mind. Third […]
By Swami Chidananda While the sacred texts are not against pleasure per se, they are uncompromising when it comes to moderation. No one can excessively indulge or get enslaved to pleasure, and yet hope to rise spiritually. “dama” is the word for self-restraint in the context of sense pleasure. The rishis praise “dama” as the foremost […]
ACTION BRINGS RESULTS By Swami Chidananda   Geetā, echoing the wisdom of Upanishads, says1, “Success is the result of (hard, honest) work.” Unless you are convinced that we have very high vairāgya (lack of interest in pleasures of the world), we must work hard. Without having seen the limitations of power, position and pleasure in the world, […]

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