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Healing and Recovery -Treating/Curing/Healing

Guest video By:  Dr. David R Hawkins M.D., Ph.D

The Route to the Self

Guest Article by Akilesh Ayyar: At heart, what you seek in life is your own self, or Self, in its

The Rishis as the Vedic Model of Leadership

By: Vedic Management Center, a Wing of American Institute of Vedic Studies (A special note from Swami ji: This insightful

WHO IS BEHIND THE RADIO INSTRUMENT? Krishna, Christ and Nanak Come Together

By Satyananda Stokes As I see it, Sri Krishna, The Buddha, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak and all the great jagad-gurus


Malathi Moorthy Being alone (which is not the same as being lonely) is not necessarily a situation to be avoided

Doing and Seeing

By: Sudhakar Deshpande A constant theme in the Upanishads is to point out the futility of action in the attainment

Love and wisdom together (video, 1 hr 43 mins)

(Note: In this 1 hour, 43 mins video, the first 3 mins a student chants in Tamil, next 5 mins

Intro. to Upanishads (Video,14 mins)

Dr Sumit Kesarkar presents here a lucid introduction to what Upanishads are. Good for beginners. The editors of agree with Dr

FREEWILL – A PHYSICS PERSPECTIVE by Dr Shah (audio, 15mins)

Dr Kushal Shah, Asst. Professor of Electrical Engg then (May 2016) in IIT Delhi, speaks on how physics looks at

Right and Wrong

Swami Sarva-priyananda ji, representing Vedanta Society in USA, speaks here on “What is right and what is wrong?” Duryodhana had