The wisdom of the Upanishads helps us to face the challenges of today and tomorrow in an abler and wiser way. The knowledge is as relevant now, to people of all cultures around the world, as it was in ancient times.

Dr. Sid Gautam conceived the Upanishad Project in 2012, enthusiastically seeking to take the wisdom of the Upanishads to every nook and corner of the world. He approached Swami Chidananda to spearhead this project.

Sid is no longer with us, but his dream lives on. As a fulfillment of his vision, ‘Aupa’ was conceptualized by Swami Chidananda. Derived from ‘Aupanishad’ – of the Upanishads, Aupa seeks to make the timeless repository of knowledge universally available, and easily accessible in the digital world.

Aupa opens the door to learning, interaction and constructive debate.


To provide a freely accessible digital collaboration platform on which people from varied cultural and geographic backgrounds can learn, debate and interact with one another about the wisdom contained in these manuscripts, and their applicability in the modern era.
To make the original and translated versions of these ancient treasures accessible with a click from anywhere in the world.
To leverage the power and reach of the ubiquitous web-based information storage and collaboration tools coupled with social networking features to create an unparalleled multi-faceted human knowledge repository that will serve and have a positive impact on generations to come.