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Retreat in Lonavala, Jan 3 Thru 9, 2019

By Swami Chidananda More than 130 participants from different parts of India, and five from USA, enjoyed the Vedanta classes

God and Vedānta ( Article, 450 words)

Advaita Vedānta does not negate or dismiss God. It rather negates and dismisses our ego. God does not go out

Move on, be free.

Move on, be free.    Pleasure and pain are the two banks of this river of life. Your boat hits

Truthfulness alone wins. 

Truthfulness alone wins.     Neither talent nor wealth ensures a bosom that is free from conflict. The talented often suffer

Do we really want peace

  Do We Really Want Peace? Swami Chidānanda They were a group of very learned religious scholars. They met this